Heatedclothing should be more flexible

   The primary audience of heated clothing is some sedentary and elderly people, because they are more afraid of cold.   But this is different from people’s original intention about firstly produce these kind of products. They are hoping for sports lovers wearing such clothing, but heated clothing can not achieve this effect. So this is a quite necessary point to us.

   People want heated clothing to show a better effect during its work time, problems encountered at this time should be better treated, for its effect could be approved by more people, we’ve been exploring how to improve it to be better. We figured out that to make heated clothing more flexible and convenient when it is in operation is the largest direction of improvement. People in this area need to be better to operate, Another place need to be improved is heated clothing shouldn’t limited to only one kind of audience. It would be better if young people’s demands and elderly people’s demands are both satisfied at same time. For instance, take some measures to make heated clothing be practical and aesthetic, or adopt different design for each style.

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