Stunning Appearance of OUBOHK Smart Clothing at 115thCanton Fair

The 115th China import and Export Fair (Canton Fair ) opened ceremoniously on 15th April. Canton Fair as the leading force and symbolic brand among the China’s exhibition industry, promoting trade cooperation and communication between China and foreign, enhancing the level of an open economy. From these two aspects, Canton Fair plays a key role like bridge or platform. As Chinese functional apparel leader, OUBOHK is invited to the exhibition, and became one of key characteristic exhibitors.

During the exhibition, OUBOHK’s variety of novelty smart clothing attracted many worldwide famous exhibitors and professional buyers. Buyers from Russia,Dubai, Algeria,Poland, Egypt and etc more than ten countries all show a very strong interest to OUBOHK’s products. OUBOHK’s exhibition was quite popular with lots of buyers, that they all demonstrated a clear intent to purchase, and signed the contract of intention on the scene.

OUBOHK its novelty generous design,combine with elements of contemporary life, accord with consumer trends. At the Canton Fair, varieties of OUBOHK’s products such as heating clothing, air-conditionedclothing, Anti-fog and haze clothing and so on, received quite a lot of favourable comments from everyone, when they were once exhibited. Meanwhile OUBOHK gained a high degree of attention. Traditional clothing always show its feature only by basic function of fabrics or design, etc. But with the development of technology and transformation of people’s needs for clothing, clothing is being given a higher added value. Ningbo Oubo Apparel Co., Ltd therefore aimed at this value demand of market, after years of research and development, so that change the clothing into a kind of multi-function characteristic product. Today,we are happy to see that OUBOHK smart clothing getting more and more widely applied in the market.

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