Preferential Policy for OUBOHK heated clothing and air-conditioned clothing agency

Cooperation concept: Accept OUBOHK management theory and operation mode.

Cooperation candidates: Individuals orenterprises, who have sufficient fund for operation.

Perfect operation service:There is a team specifically responsible for customer service, they have abundant clothing sales experiences and high professional quality, and will serve you by one-to one pattern, guide and help you to improve your sales volume, resolve your problem appears in the operation. Give your profits a reliable guarantee.
Conditions of participating

Management theory:

Good operation and management idea of brand.

Working experience:

Have a successful experience of brand operating, and a keen sense of smell for market.

Self strength:

Have comparative economic strength and good social relations. Own commercial street store resources and mall counter resources at local bustling business circles.

Operators must be equipped with considerable financial strength for the shop rental, decoration, initial purchase,and the necessary current capital.

Franchisee requirements


Mature business circle of clothing, like crowded bustling streets, large-scale shopping mall, commercial pedestrian streets, etc.


Practical acreage of frontage shop is 50 square meters, mall counter is 40 square meters.

Shop gate:

Wide horizon in front of shop gate, striking signboard, height of signboard more than 4 meters.


A unified image, a unified style.

Advantage of joining in OUBOHK

1. The company intends to fully exempt interested franchisee from high initial fee and agency fee.

2. The company provides customers who signed a franchise agreement with decoration program and shop design drawing for free.

3. The cash deposit payed when signing contracts with OUBO company can be used to offset the payment for goods when agents purchase the goods.

4. OUBO company supports agents’ first purchase, payment amount for goods of shop goods is_____ of total amount of the purchase.

5. Agents who complete the monthly sales target can enjoy the rebate policy.

6. In the initial trial operation, the company will provide franchisees free training carried out by professional staffs, to improve the competitiveness of shop.

7. At the early stage of franchisee starting business, the company will send professional staffs to give on-the-spot guidance about products display.

8. After franchisee started business, headquarters will aperiodically arrange someone to pay a return visitand inspect the deficiencies of shop operation. So as to perfect the competitiveness of brand shops constantly.

9. In the light of local market, the company will cooperate with franchisees to plan the marketing activities of brand together.

10. The company’s strong design team, according to different areas and different seasons, continually launch fashion products which fit for local consumer groups.

11. Tridimensional designand exquisite processing technology, among the brands rank of same prices, OUBOHKproducts use its advantage of high quality better than inexpensive price to compete the market

12. Interested franchisees can apply to get the district exclusive agency, insure the investment benefits of investors.

13. At the early stage of franchisees store display, the company will freely offer franchisees some image accessories, help the franchisees to improve the image and influence of store.

14. The company has its own factory, there are plenty of goods resources.

Policy of joining in OUBOHK

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