OUBOHK is an internationally renowned clothing brand, located in the Dagang Industrial District Beilun Ningbo. And its headquarter is located in beautiful Hong Kong. With combinations of international perspective, top fashion design experience and innovative technology, OUBOHK is heading for world’s top brand.

Since its founding in 2000, as an innovative foreign-funded enterprise intensively introduced and supported by provincial government, OUBOHK has been focusing on build a top brand in the field of apparel industry of China.After years of expanding operations, OUBOHK has now become a collection of production,processing, sales, and a large enterprise which has its own independent industrial park.

As a leader in functional clothing industry, OUBOHK seek for a breakthrough under the leadership of chairman Zhou Jianbo in 2008, and continually integrate the innovative materials and science technologies into design. Besides the national patent air-conditioned clothing, OUBOHK still successively set up two high-end sub-brands “OUBOHK” and“Saima thermostat”. Many years of accumulating of experiences makes  today’s OUBOHK experiencing an exciting period of transform. Then OUBOHK developed series of products with a kind of electric heating technology in it,that bring OUBOHK further into a completely new era.  

Currently, the company’s extensive product line, while retaining the traditional garment industry, it is also related to energy saving air-conditioning clothing and series of heating clothing like clothes, hats, gloves, shoes, insoles, socks, etc. Those products are sold to all major cities throughout the country, and exported to Europe, Japan and other countries.

The company is actively extending domestic and international markets, to achieve the strategic objective of enterprise collectivization,product seriation and capital diversification. I believe today in globalization, OUBOHK possess the competitive, reasonable price, good service,that must be able to establish long-term cooperative relationship with you. All my colleagues in OUBOHK sincerely welcome all sectors of society come to visit,discuss and cooperate!

Business vision

Winter is no longer cold, summer is no longer hot –OUBOHK air-conditioning clothing makes you feel like spring all the year round.

Corporate Mission

Protect people from the extreme weather, let people enjoy a low consumption, high quality, more comfortable life.

Service concept

Customer satisfaction is a necessary condition for enterprises to survive.

Marketing concept

Customers not only buy our products, but also buy our character.